The Flying Dagger Key   


Your Dagger key is put together the same way a real dagger is. It is my notion that the person who has this dagger key is skilled in the art of riding either for sport or entertainment. The dagger key is made from a two piece construction satin finish. The Flying Dagger Key comes with a 36í inch nickel plated metaza adjustable dog tag chain. The black inner rubber is for good grip. Plus a matching, nickel plated quick release key attachment for easy off and on the chain when its time to ride and do battle with the roads.




This is one of those products that really needs to be seen to be appreciated. Everyone loves it. Iíve had so many people just stare. They think itís a real knife on my neck. Once I tell em' itís a motorcycle key they are amazed. Check it out, If itís "not all that". No problem, no hassle, no questions. Just return you uncut Dagger key blank for a full refund.

 Keys are made in which the orders are received. Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.


 Throwing a dagger is an art, sport or an entertainment technique involving a master skilled in the art of throwing knives. Plain throwing knives are almost always a one-piece construction, rather than the traditional Flying Daggers that have handles manufactured separately from the blades. (Exactly how your key is made.)

Formed at the root portion of the blade are a pair of wing members which extend laterally outward from the plane of the knife/key on opposite sides for engagement by the index and middle finger of the person throwing the Dagger.
Additionally, some throwing daggers are double-edged, although the edges of throwing daggers are almost always dull. The dagger sticks through penetration of the sharpened point into the target, hence sharpened edges are unnecessary



Food for thought;food

Even though the knife can be traced back to almost the beginning of time as being one of the first man made weapons(next to a rock or a stick) the throwing knife didnít receive itís patent until 1993 by so called inventor Roger D. Whiteley. U.S. Pat. No. 4,608,757



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