Gemstone Keys

I present to you......The Gemstone Keys. This key is made from hard lightweight acrylic. They measure 1 1/4 inch height and width mounted on a stock keyblank.   Each Gemstone is shaped in a round brilliant cut as most real gemstones are. They are avalible in 5 colors. Red, Yellow, Blue, Clear and now the new briliant Pink color.

Each key is handmade to order. As always, if your not completely satisfied please return it for a full refund. allow 2 weeks for delivery.






Globally, gemstones have been present in rock formations that have been confirmed to be over 200 million years old. Most are composed of metaphoric rock that crops up beneath young mountain ranges. After millions of years the stones began to dig their way upward toward the earth's surface through the process of erosion.     Later, these shining objects would be come known as "Tears of Heaven" and "Supernatural Drops of Blood". Gemstones also were said to have spiritual or occult qualities that could be passed on to the individual possessing them. If a soldier wore a   gemstone during battle, it was supposed to give him an edge over his enemies, bring out   his inner strength and abilities. Also the gemstome   gave protection against ghostly visions   and different forms of magic.     In ancient cultures gemstones were meant to be used by the upper classes in society. The common population was forbidden to own them, and sometimes the penalty for disobeying the rule was imprisonment or even death. In some civilizations a woman could not own a precious stone; however, this stigma began to change later when women showed     a deeper   interest in the beautiful shiny rocks than their male counterparts. This gave rise to a whole new industry "the jewelry trade".



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