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Projections have the world population hitting six billion sometime around the middle of next year. Beyond that, it's hard to give you an exact number. I can tell you that there are approximately 25 more people in the world than there were when you started reading this paragraph. That's because current research indicates that about five people are born every second, while two people pass away, leaving us with a population rate of three new humans per second.

We have sold under one hundred samurai shogun keys in 2006 because of the many hours it takes to produce just one. At a rate over double what I sell now, it would still take  approximately 25 year to produce only 5,000 keys. . Img5

Theres a good chance  I will not make keys for twenty five years. Greatly reducing the actual numbers of keys from thousands to hundreds.Which means, If you go anywhere in this world we live in outside of your motorcycling community, Chances of anyone else ever seeing your custom key will be one in millions. So whom ever you show this key to, consider them  privileged and honored to witness a piece of motorcycling art that they may never ever see again.  TRUE FACT ?.............................. Now that's original

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