Samurai Shogun Key

This key in handcrafted like a blacksmith makes a sword. One at a time. One is never the same as another. Just as a   true samurai sword. It's made from steel metals like your original key. The top handle  shaped into a warriors image and blade guard is shaped in the image of a dragon. Force and powerful, are the symbols attributed to the Dragon. The center of the handle has the sacred samurai wrapping for good grip like a real sword  also a custom handcrafted sheath to hold it.



.The History
The most feared weapon in japan known as the "ultimate weapon" Back in ancient times only a few were known as true samurai's. Their blades were so sacrate, if anyone beside a true samurai merely touched there swords, it could mean sudden death, that means any civilians, women & children knew never to lay hands on a samurai's sword.  It was forbidden.

They were different. They had a certain look & attitude about themselves.   Some called them heroes, others called them villians. The were highly trained and skilled to perfection. They became one with there to kill with one precise  strike. And  the weapon, handcrafted to the highest degree of a skilled blacksmith. To this day these same blades that belonged to the samurai are monumental treasures. Blood, sweat, and tears went into the facilation of that blade being pounded and folded several times



We the riders

Hayabusa_ridersmLike it or not,   you are a part of this culture.   If you ride a   crotch rocket   you are a part. The real one's are looked upon different.   They hold the most ultimate weapons in speed. These weapons can defy the laws of physics in curves and top speeds that an ordinary human can't handle.   They are trained in this art form.   They are specialist in many form of riding.   They become one with   thier weapon.   They're weapons   are skillfully balanced to perfection with the latest technology. With a unique look rivaled by none.   They're not looked upon the same. Some love them, others hate them.   They are today's ultimate road warriors as the samurai was then.  

Every key that  we make. We ask the ancient masters and warriors to watch over the new owners of the new weapons   we put into the world. If you are not qualified to bare this weapon, please seek a trusted and trained master to teach you, beg to be his apprentice. Then, and only then will you yield the weapons like your forefathers. Form your army and battle in great numbers

The price to be a road warrior    


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