A hunter's knife is for both eviscerating and skinning a game animal in the field. The knife has a blade portion which includes a reversely facing hook-shaped portion formed on one side, with the hook-shaped portion having a sharpened arcuate inner edge and a relatively blunt outer end. The handle of the knife includes a generally T-shaped finger engaging member for securing the knife to the user's hand. The blade and handle are preferably integrally formed from a metallic material, such as stainless steel. US Patent 4283854

Now, with great pleasure. Let me introduce to you  the "Hunter Key"

The Hunter Key is formed just like it's real  counter part but smaller.         
                  The length on the handle is slightly over 2 inches long and weights in at a solid hefty 1.5 ounces. It's also shiny chrome plated to match any of other accessories you might have. The black handle insert is made of a hard diamond tread rubber riveted together for long lasting use. This truly unique style key blank will surely turn heads and raise questions.




Join the fight                                                44.99

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